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Crafting beginners and gurus are going to love this video as it is full of awesome ideas you will want to repeat. Watch the video to find adorable resin crafts that you can use to decorate your phone or even to make jewelry items. You will love the cool idea to make various pendants with natural flowers inside. Besides, you can replace flowers with beads, glitter or anything else. Take a silicone mold and pour some resin, gently place a flower and let dry. Do you need a fancy bracelet for the party? Make one from epoxy resin and add some glitter.
I love to make iPhone cases by my hands and change them from time to time. We share awesome projects that will help you to make a collection of phone cases. We know an awesome way to reuse drinking straws and make a colorful phone case. Follow this easy tutorial: cut drinking straws in small pieces and place them on parchment and cover with another sheet of parchment paper. Iron for several seconds. Watch the video till the end to find the end of this tutorial.
Nail polish could be also used to decorate a phone case. Watch the video to create an awesome water marble print on your boring phone case. All you need is three colors of nail polish and hairdryer.
As a bonus, we share a new collection of polymer clay crafts that will change your life! You will learn how to make cute earrings or beautiful jewelry box for your Mom or girlfriend.
00:09 Epoxy resin unicorn
01:25 Polymer clay roses
01:43 DIY Jewelry box
04:29 Glitter bracelet
11:40 DIY Brow stamps
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    Uncle Willrus
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    So... this is why my little brother asked my dad what an existential crisis was.

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